1. Refresher Course for Judges and Kadis. 21st - 25th March, 2022
  2. Refresher Course for Magistrate. 28th March - 1st April, 2022
  3. National Workshop on Practice and Procedure in Area/Sharia/Customary Courts 9th - 11th May, 2022
  4. Induction Course for Newly Appointed Judicial Officers of the Superior Courts of Record 16th - 20th May, 2022
  5. Induction Course for Newly Appointed Magistrate and other Judges of the Lower Courts 30th May - 3rd June, 2022
  6. National Workshop For Judges On Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)  27th-29th June 2022
  7. National Workshop for Directors and Inspectors of Area/Sharia/Customary Courts. 4th -6th July, 2022
  8. National Workshop on Court Management and Administration. 18th - 20th July, 2022
  9. National Workshop on Child Protection and Child Justice Administration. 26th - 28th June, 2022
  10. National Workshop on Court Services (For Court Registrars, Commissioners of Oath, Court Clerks, Bailiffs and Process Servers
  11. National Workshop for Confidential Secretaries, Executive Assistants, Protocol Officers, Information Desk Officers, Public Relations Officers, and other Administrative Staff of the Judiciary. 8th - 10th August, 2022
  12. National Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (For Information and Co0mmunication Technology Officers and Legal Research Assistants in the Judiciary) 15th - 17th August, 2022
  13. National Workshop on Management of Judicial Financial Resources 29th - 31st August, 2022
  14. National Workshop on Legal Research and Legal Writing 5th - 7th September, 2022
  15. National Workshop for Investigators and Prosecutors 12th - 14th September, 2022
  16. Roundtable for Heads of Courts. 26th - 28th September, 2022
  17. All Nigerian Judges Conference of the Lower Courts. 14th - 18th September, 2022