28th June, 20211stCombating Cyber Security Threats in the New Normal

Mrs Olajumoke O. Toriola 

Technology Officer, Ha-Shem Limited, Yaba, Lagos

2ndSocial Media & Ethical Challenges for Judiciary Staff

Mr Peter Akusa 

Chief Programme Analyst,
NJI, Abuja

29th June, 20213rdOverview of the Nigeria Case Management System and e-filing

Mr Mahmud Adamu 

Asst. Director
Information Technology, NJI, Abuja

4thUse of Virtual Communication Platforms: Dos & Don’ts

Mr. Tope Asogba 

Senior Program
Analyst, NJI, Abuja

30th5thPosition of Artificial Intelligence in Justice System: Justice of the FutureMr. Gogwin, Godwin Joel Chief Data
Administrator, University of Jos, Plateau State
6thThe Role of Digital Forensics in Nigerian Criminal Justice

Mrs. Umar Fatima A. 

Digital Forensics
Analyst, EFCC Headquarters, Abuja