The Director of Studies is responsible to the Administrator for organizing and conducting courses and other studies undertaken by the Institute; including the collation and publication of course materials and other publications relating thereto.

The Directorate of Studies is headed by the Director of Studies. The present Director of Studies is Mr. Olumo Abdulazeez, he is assisted by a Deputy Director, Studies Fellows and other Support Staff within the department.


The Director of Research is an officer of the Institute that is responsible to the Administrator for organizing the Research Staff and Research Projects of the Institute and the collation and publication of research materials.

The Directorate of Research is headed by Mr. Gilbert Tor, he is assisted by a Deputy Director, Research Fellows and other support staff within the department.


The Librarian of the Institute is responsible to the Administrator and is charged with the responsibility of providing library services to support the teaching and research activities of the Institute.


The Department is in charge of the finances of the Institute. It provides financial advice to both the Administrator and the Secretary. Mrs. Modupe O. Aribisala is the present Director and he is assisted by other staff in the department.


The NJI Act provides for the office of the Secretary. The Secretary is responsible for the day to day administration of the affairs of the Institute and its finances. The Secretary of the Institute is Mallam Abubakar U. Maidama who is ably supported by the Deputy Director of Personnel who is saddled with the management of the Institute’s Personnel in addition to other responsibilities that may be assigned to him from time to time by the Administrator and the Institute Secretary concerning issues related to administration.